Advantages of Turbo Liner®

Why should you choose Turbo Liner® in the cargo area or on the body of your vehicle? Why is it better than another protection or covering? We have highlighted a number of properties that alternative products do not or have to a lesser extent. Turbo Liner® has all the properties listed below, making it a unique and ultimate protective agent, especially for automotive applications.


The beauty of Turbo Liner® is that it is dry in only 2 to 3 seconds after it is sprayed. This means that we can spray the coating from floor to wall and even ceiling without dripping or irregularities. We also make sure high quality standards will be used during the pre-treatment. We do the caulking, filling and sanding with the utmost care and know exactly how to create the perfect surface for a smooth and seamless transition from corner to corner and from obstacle to obstacle. For example, we can have a loading space meet HACCP-hygiene standards.

Water and airtight

The seamlessness of course already provides partial the waterproofing part, because where there are no seams or cracks, there will also be no water. But the product itself, the Turbo Liner® spray-on coating, is also waterproof of it's own. Turbo Liner® is a Polyurea, which, due to its density, forms a waterproof membrane. And because of the complementary primer layer that we apply before spraying, the surface will be sealed as well and the adhesion with the coating will be so strong that you can speak of applying a second skin with a Turbo Liner® treatment. So quality prepping + moleculair density of the coating = ultimate waterproof protection. 

Extremely tough

As mentioned in the above, Turbo Liner® consists of a Polyurea. This is a type of polymer plastic that consists of two components. These components only come together when you pull the trigger of the spray gun. At that moment a unique reaction takes place in which the molecules of the components interlock and no longer want to let go of each other. Those components are made for each other. Love at first sight if you will. But it ensures that the material that just formed is extremely tough. And that toughness makes Turbo Liner® vandal-proof.

Resilient and impact resistant

The fact that the strength of Turbo Liner® hotspray coatings is not the hardness, but rather the toughness, means that there is also some flexibility/elasticity at play. Which is true. Turbo Liner® even has an elongation of approximately 200%! This property ensures that the coating can have a huge impact. This is important for objects that are constantly related to movement: vehicles. For example, a hard polyester layer will, due to extensive day-to-day driving, loading and unloading, defying speed bumps, etc. will have to deal with small cracks. And the smallest crack can be detrimental to corrosion on the body of a vehicle. From that small crack with a little corrosion it can and will get from bad to worse.

Abrasion resistant

In addition to waterproofing abilities of Turbo Liner®, the extreme abrasion resistance is perhaps its greatest asset. Turbo Liner® originally comes from the United States and has been used for many years as the ultimate protection for pick-up beds. And in the US they don't have vans like in Europe. They use their pick-up truck for everything. Anbd we mean everything! You can imagine that these trucks will have to endure a lot. Therefore it is not surprising that they have chosen the most wear-resistant product for their precious workhorse. It should last a long time. So long, in fact, that with a Turbo Liner® treatment we are allowed to issue a certificate for a vehicle lifetime warranty.

Sound absorbing

In Europe, we started spraying Polyurea in trailers that transport roll containers because there were two problems there: The roll containers caused extreme wear to the cargo floor and caused enormous noise disturbance during loading and unloading. This could be prevented by applying a thick layer of Turbo Liner® hotspray. Turbo Liner® even received a PIEK certification on this treatment, which means that we can treat a trailer in a way that it meets all guidelines for quiet loading and unloading. But of course this sound absorbing property also applies to pick-ups, vans and even bodies (think of the roof on a motor home). Wherever and whenever you come into a higly populated place to load or unload; noise nuisance will no longer be an issue.

Chemical resistance

On our download page you can find a list of chemicals that have been tested in combination with Turbo Liner®. Our sprayed polyurea coating is very resistant to most of the chemicals on this list. For a small part of the chemical substances, there is the possibility that minimal cosmetic damage will be experienced. But of course there are also exceptions. There are some substances that Turbo Liner® just won't agree with. We put them on the list as well so you can see what not to use in cargo space of your vehicle. But in general, Turbo Liner® is many times more resistant than any alternative. So if you want to transport chemicals, you can do so with confidence with a Turbo Liner® treated vehicle. Rest asssured.

Anti slip

A property that definitely is not redundant in the automotive and transport secto: anti-slip. You do not want your cargo to shift and slide all to much, nor do you want people to slip and fall because a loading platform or cargo floor is too slippery. Turbo Liner® is represented in this area with two properties. Initially, our hotspray coating is still somewhat flexible, which means that cargo or people will slightly sink into the coating on a microscopic level. That may sound crazy, but it does help against slipping and sliding. In addition, we provide every loading floor or cargo area with a special misty spray texture. We do that as the final part of a treatment when we spray some extra Turbo Liner® in the air which then descends the already treated surface. That way you get a an extra anti-slip layer and a cool ruggid look as bonus.

Luxurious appearance

Because Turbo Liner® is sprayed and not mounted, it creates a second skin. It is a surface treatment that conforms and follows to the surface on which it is sprayed. So you get a custom plastic protection that fits like nothing else. And the seamless surface makes Turbo Liner® extremely easy to keep clean, so it will look good for a very long time. The rough texture also makes it look very aesthetic. All in all, they call this a 'factory like finish'. It is so sleek that it looks like it comes straight out of the factory. Custom made perfection.