The Hot Spray Technique

The product Turbo Liner® is a sprayed plastic coating. To be precise, a polyurea.

Polyurea coating consists of 2 components which are pumped separately through a pair of heated hoses to an electric or hydraulic proportioning machine. From this machine the components are transferred to a spray gun under high pressure (over 160 bar) and high temperature (more than 70 degrees). The moment the trigger of the gun is pulled, the components are pressed together and react immediately with each other.

Those 2 components love each other. Love at first sight. A cross linking takes place immediately. A network is created; one big molecule! So the material is not hard, but on a molecular level is just very strong. The result is a very tough and coriaceous material.

The Turbo Liner® polyurea coating we use has a pot life of 3 to 5 seconds. In other words, the polyurea is almost immediately hard when it comes out of the spray gun. And that means that the object it's spayed on is immediately usable. No drying time whatsoever!

NOTE: Polyurea cannot be processed without professional 2-component spraying equipment, specialist protective safeguards and approved spray booths.