Accessories with coating

If cargo spaces are optimally protected and entire bodies are armored with Turbo Liner®, why not protect seperate accessories with this vandal-proof coating? That's what we thought. And that is why we have been a supplier and reseller of various parts with Turbo Liner® coating for years.

From paneling to style bars

We advice a cargo space is treated and sprayed with Turbo Liner® when it is going to get in contact with moisture, dirt and wear. If desired, we can also supply separate door panels for vans so the whole vehicle is protected in the same manner. And if only a wear-resistant floor is desired, then an entire treatment may be unnecessary, we can then supply a seperate floor plating with a wear-resistant layer of Turbo Liner® coating that you can install yourself. But also footboards for vans and sidebars for pick-ups can be ordered in extremely high-quality Turbo Liner® versions. But these products are only needed when the best of the best is expected.


Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the advantages of Turbo Liner® on truck or van accessories? Would you like to know more about the workings and methods of a hotspray coating? Would you like to see a few examples of accessoires with a seamless coating? Or do you want to find out what the costs are for your specific accessory? Then click on the buttons below to navigate: