Body protection

In the United States, almost everyone with an all-terrain vehicle has parts on their car that have been coated with a protective coating. We also see this happening more and more in Europe. We can concure because we get a lot of requests for 'body work'. From sets of wheel covers to complete cars. And actually it's not that surprising because if 4x4 is your hobby, your all-terrain vehicle is your baby. And you can bet a custom Turbo Liner® hot spray treatment will make it look more ruggid and tougher than nails.

Protect your 4x4 Passion!

Our hotspray coating is not only good for the "look and feel". Turbo Liner® has a saying: "Protect Your Passion!". Because that's what it does. A serious passion requires serious protection. Do you ever drive off road with your car? Then you know that stones, branches, protruding roots, bumps, falling acorns, pits, boulders, tree stumps, etc are nothing weird. So a little extra armor here and there wont hurt.


Advantages over the factory finish and other products: TURBO LINER® Standard paint Protective film Nano coating
Protects against rust (waterproof)
Creates anti-slip surface
Has sound-proofing properties
Does not tear, bend or warp
Is resistant to most chemicals
Repairable in case of damage
Does not scratch or wear



The sky is the limit. In theory we can coat everything you want with Turbo Liner®. We can spray your entire SUV or utility vehicle with our extreme protective hotspray polyurea coating. It's not uncommon. But it is not for everyone because it has a price tag. That is why there are also enough people that only do smaller parts like wheel covers. Not surprising if you think about stone chips damage etc. So we regularly see a set of four wheel covers in the spray booth. But also winch bumpers, rims, roofs, running boards, roll bars, and racks are commonly seen in our hot spray booths.

Would you like to know more?

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