Cooling vans

An increasingly common application of Turbo Liner® is the refrigerator car. That is why we have developed a special package: Turbo Liner® ZERO.
Turbo Liner® ZERO is the perfect basis to have a car professionally converted into a refrigerated car. This insulation package is different from all other conversion kits. An ingenious thermal bridge interrupting EPS package glued with lightweight and water-repellent sheet material that is treated from head to toe with a layer of seamless and wear-resistant Turbo Liner® hotspray polyurea coating. Of course, everything is high-quality and luxuriously finished to create the ultimate insulated loading space.

Officially ATP-certified

The development of the Turbo Liner® ZERO package was quite a challenge. But meanwhile we are convinced that we have a unique concept and after many alterations we had it tested by the appropriate authorities and we got an official ATP-certificate on the product (ATP is the Accord Transport Perishables law). Unlike other insulation kits, we do not use polyester, which means that it cannot tear or break. In addition, we do everything in-house and we do not need sets that have to be transported from the Eastern Bloc or Asia. We all make it ourselves in The Netherlands. It's also important to say the kit doesnt has to be assembled with harmful substances like a polyester kit.
For a complete overview, we have also mentioned below some amateurish isolation methods such as a wood paneling with insulation foil, rock wool or spray foam behind it.


Advantages over other products: TURBO LINER®
Polyester pakket

Houten betimmering
met isolatiefolie

Houten betimmering
met steenwol
Houten betimmering
met PU-schuim
ATP-certified (passes official tests)
Protects against rust (waterproof)
Has sound-proofing properties
Does not tear, bend or warp
Is resistant to most chemicals
Repairable in case of damage
Creates anti-slip surface


For Turbo Liner® ZERO we only have one option and that is an insulation package, the most ultimate basis for a refrigerated car. We are currently working on a more extreme package for cars that dont only have refrigerated goods but als frozen goods. But do not hesitate to ask us about any possibilities.

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