Flatbed protection

Polyurea has the capacity to prevent wear on a surface much longer than any other product. A durable coating like this is immediately cost effective. Our Turbo LIner® polyurea hot spray coating is therefore extremely durable and resistant to extreme external influences and many types of chemicals. Turbo Liner®'s sprayed plastic coating gives your flatbed a durable water and airtight protection. After we have blasted the loading platform, the hotspray coating will have a permanent adhesion to the surface, protecting the platform againt rust, corrosion and wear. The unique flexible, structured coating is easy to keep clean. The coating will not crack, break or wear. Even under the most severe conditions or bizarre circumstances. And the anti-slip structure will prevent cargo from sliding.

Sustainable service verhicles

A Turbo Liner®-treated pick-up is way better of than a pick-up with standard paint, wood paneling, a plastic drop-in liner, checker plate covering or polyester finish. Turbo Liner® gives your car real protection. The thick solid layer of our hotspray coating even has a sound-insulating effect and actively prevents vibration and resonance! Turbo Liner® will not only give you years of joy, but it is also the guarantee for a higher residual value! In fact, we warrant this guarantee by issuing a real certificate.

Advantages over the factory finish and other products: TURBO LINER® Standard metal surface Wooden panneling Steel slab Steel checker plating
Protects against rust (waterproof)
Creates anti-slip surface
Has a sound-proofing effect
Does not tear, bend or warp
Is resistant to most chemicals
Repairable in case of damage
Does not scratch or wear



There is a choice of three options. The most common Turbo Liner® option is treating the loading platform. Most of the time that is sufficient. A seamless transition with the headboard may also be desirable if a lot of dirt gets in here and the board is damaged quickly. Coating the inside of the side boards is an intensive activity, so they are usually not treated to save costs. But of course it all depends on what needs to be transported and how long the verhicle should last. Feel free to ask us for advice. Click on the image of the relevant version to request a quote.


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