Truck and trailer loading floors

With a Turbo Liner® loading floor treatment, the floor is seamlessly sealed with a special 2-component sealant and will then be entirely covered in a polyurea hotspray coating with a thickness of roughly 3 mm (we can also go way thicker but that's up to your needs). Turbo Liner®'s spray-in coating gives your cargo space a durable water and airtight protection. A permanent bond with the paneling protects your cargo floor against rust, corrosion and wear. This ultimately hightens the value of your vehicle. The unique flexible, structured plastic is easy to keep clean. The coating will not crack, break or wear. Even under the most severe conditions or bizarre circumstances. And ofcourse the anti-slip structure will help prevent cargo from sliding.

Sound-absorbing and more

Complaints about noise disturbance during loading and unloading. Turbo Liner® offers a solution for this; a tough soundproofing coating. The Turbo Liner® floor coating is an effective answer to the demand for products that make loading and unloading in residential areas quiet. The coating is a protective, wear-resistant layer of plastic that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, ranging from steel and aluminum to wood and polyester. A layer of 5 millimeters is enough to protect the cargo floor and to dampen sound on a certified level. The noise of driving and sliding on the loading floor remains below 60 dB. After application, the loading floor is PIEK -certified.


Advantages over the factory finish and other products: TURBO LINER® Standard metal Wooden panneling Epoxy flooring Rubber mat
Protects against rust (waterproof)
Creates anti-slip surface
Has sound-proofing properties
Does not tear, bend or warp
Is resistant to most chemicals
Repairable in case of damage
Does not scratch or wear



Who are these treatments actually intended for? The answer is simple: all companies that deal with wear, dirt and noise in the cargo area. Not every company will need to have the cargo space wrapped from head to toe with a 5 mm thick layer of Turbo Liner®, so we offer different versions: Flooring, baseboards + tailgate. But ofcourse you can also mix and match. The choice is yours. And in some cases the walls have to be coated with a non-static layer when it comes to a trailer with a moving floor. Click on the image of the relevant image to request more information or a quotation. 

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